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Revealing the Secret of P&g Olay Amino Acid Cleanser: Analysis of Functional Formula and Main Raw Materials

As demand for amino acid cleansers surges in China, most brands are grabbing the Chinese market. Procter & Gamble recently launched a new facial cleanser. The product name is directly called Amino Acid Reactive Purifying Cleanser. The main formula contains 30% amino acid reactive. In daily skin care, choosing a suitable cleanser is crucial. P&G Olay Amino Acid Cleanser is favored by consumers for its cleansing effect and gentle formula.

The main surfactants contained in the raw materials of P&G Olay Amino Acid Cleanser are Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate, PEG-150 Distearate, and Glycol Distearate.), Cocamide MEA.

Monsa Chemical Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate

Let's dig deeper into the formula of this product and compare it with P&G's other most classic cleanser, SK-II Skin Care Cleansing Cream. We will find that in addition to the individual ingredients declared. This is the case with international brands. Like L'Oreal and Lancôme, their serums and the like basically have the same formula.

Monsachemical Peg 150 Distearate

Everyone is familiar with the formula of SK-II. From a cleansing point of view, since OLAY released this product, using SK-II is no longer cost-effective. Remove the SK-II-specific fermentation substance (in It is difficult for the functional ingredients in cleansing to work), the two are completely consistent in terms of cleansing. By studying the formula of SK-II, we can roughly conclude that the proportions of its formula are as follows:

ComponentsQuantity Contained(%)
Waterto 100
Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate33.000
Propylene Glycol10.0-12.0
Peg-150 Stearate5.0-6.0
Propyl Hydroxyphenyl Ester0.100
Sodium PCA1.000
Glycol Stearate, Stearalkamine Amp1.0
Coconut Coolamine Mea0.500

Monsachemical Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate

Monsachemical Cocamide Mea

Comparing the ingredients of the two together, it can be seen from the picture above that the main ingredients of OLAY Amino Acid Exfoliating Cleansing Milk and SK-II Comforting Skin Care Cleansing Cream are highly overlapped. Except for a few ingredients, other ingredients They are the same, including: sodium lauroyl glutamate, PEG150 stearate, ethylene glycol stearate, cocamide MEA, etc.

Revealing the Secret of P G Olay Amino Acid Cleanser

OLAY Amino Acid Reactive Purifying Cleansing Milk is definitely very mild in nature. It does not have strong cleaning power and is suitable for sensitive skin. It is the main formula raw material of OLAY Amino Acid Reactive Purifying Cleanser and SK-II Comfort Skin Care Cleansing Cream. Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate (Monsa® SLG-95 product), this cleanser contains 33% Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate (Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate), which is a gentle surface treatment Active agents, derived from glutamic acid and lauric acid. It can effectively clean the skin while maintaining the skin's water and oil balance to avoid excessive dryness.

PEG-150 Distearate used in OLAY Amino Acid Exfoliating Cleansing Milk is Monsa® 638 product. Stearate is a polyol ester ingredient with excellent emulsifying properties. It effectively disperses oil and dirt, making it easier to wash away with water, thus improving the cleansing effect of the cleanser. At the same time, it can also provide a moisturizing film for the skin to prevent moisture loss and keep the skin soft.

Monsachemical Glycol Distearate

The Glycol Distearate in the cleanser is Monsa® EGDS product. This is a glycol ether with excellent emulsifying and thickening effects. It makes the cleanser richer, spreads easily, and is more comfortable to use. At the same time, the addition of ethylene glycol also helps to improve the moisturizing performance of the product, allowing the skin to maintain moisture while cleansing.

For cocamide MEA, you can use the product Monsa® CMEA. Cocamide MEA (Cocamide MEA): This is a coconut oil-based stearamide and a very mild surfactant. It has excellent foaming properties, allowing the cleanser to produce a fine foam that makes it easier to clean. Cocamide MEA also thickens the product, making the cleanser easier to use.

P&G Olay Amino Acid Cleanser has become a star product for skin cleansing because of its functional formula and mild raw materials. Through an in-depth analysis of its formula ingredients, it is not difficult to find that the surfactant raw materials it contains have unique advantages and can provide comprehensive cleansing and care for the skin.

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