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Chemical Ingredient Applications

  • Personal Care

    A healthy and radiant complexion is the cornerstone of skincare. Our diverse array of ingredients, manufactured from factories, empowers you to craft exceptional skincare products. Whether you’re formulating facial cleansers, moisturizers, or masks, our range covers many aspects of skincare to help your customers achieve their desired glow.
    sodium laureth sulfate for face

    Applications of Facial Care



    Facial Cleanser

    CAPB-35, SCG-95, GCK-95, CT-35DCASCI, DOE120

    When it comes to body care, our company understands the importance of providing ingredients that cater to various needs and preferences. Our extensive range of ingredients includes surfactant that can be used in shower gel, body lotions, and other body care products. Based on our products, you can create body care products that offer hydration, nourishment, and a luxurious experience for the skin.
    sodium laureth sulfate in skin care

    Applications of Skin Care



    Shower Gel


    Hand Sanitizer

    SLES-70, CAPB, CDEA, CMEASCI-80/85, Carbomer

    Hair is as vital in the beauty industry as skin care and contributes greatly to a person’s individuality. We provide a wide range of ingredient options from top authorities in hair care, whether you’re looking to create hair style products, cleansing, conditioning, or scalp treatments.
    sodium laureth sulfate for hair

    Applications of Hair Care

    ShampooSLES-70, ALS-70, ALES-70, CT-30, APG, CAPB, CDEA, CMEA, LS-30, EGDS, C14S, Silicone oil emulsion, SF-1, ISL, PQ-7, PQ-10, DCAImidazoline series, Capo, Hydrolyzed protein
    Hair ConditionerCTAC, BT-85, BTMS, OTAC, Silicone oil, Hydrolyzed protein
    Styling GelPVP series, Carbomer
    Hair oil

    Makeup is an art that celebrates individual expression, and our selection of ingredients caters to every makeup artist’s palette. From foundations that provide a flawless base to pigments that burst with vibrancy, our offerings come from trusted authorities in the beauty industry. Whether you're creating subtle everyday looks or bold and dramatic statements, our ingredients empower you to unlock endless creative possibilities.
    surfactant used in cosmetics

    Applications of Makeup


  • Home Care

    When it comes to fabric care, our versatile ingredients make laundry day a breeze. Our collection of effective components, sourced from leading experts in cleaning solutions, enables you to formulate laundry detergents that fight stains and keep fabrics fresh. From brightening agents to gentle cleansers, our ingredients cover every aspect of fabric care, ensuring your customers' clothes stay clean and vibrant.
    surfactants in laundry detergent

    Applications of Laundry Detergent

    Laundry DetergentSLES-70, AOS-35, LABSA-96, APG, AEO-7/9(Laureth-7/9), HPMC, CAPB-35/45, Enzyme
    Washing PowderLABSA-96, SLES-70, AOS powder, SLS, Laureth-9
    Clothing SoftenerEQ90, Thickener

    Our ingredients offer a versatile range of options for maintaining the heart of the home - the kitchen. Our ingredients, sourced from leading experts in cleaning, enable you to create kitchen cleaning products that efficiently cut through grease, grime, and stains. Whether you're creating surface cleaners or disinfectants, our selection empowers you to develop kitchen cleaning solutions that promote a pristine and inviting cooking environment, reflecting the care and attention you invest in every aspect of your home.
    surfactant uses in dishwashing liquid

    Applications of Kitchen Cleaning

    Dishwashing LiquidSLES-70, AOS-35, AOS powder,  LABSA-96, HPMC, Carbomer

    In environments where germs are a concern, our comprehensive range of ingredients provides effective solutions for maintaining cleanliness. Our ingredients offer versatile options for formulating degerming agents that ensure a safe and sanitized environment. From powerful disinfectants to gentle yet efficient cleansers, our offerings empower you to create products that prioritize health and hygiene.
    surfactant used for home care

    Applications of Degerming Agent

    Kitchen DegreaserThickener
    Floor CleanerThickener
    Toilet CleanerAcid Thickener
    DisinfectantBKC, PCMX