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INCI name: Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate

Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, also known as DLS for short, is a very mild, non-irritating anionic surfactant. It features excellent detergency, yet with medium degreasing power, which enables the final product to clean well and leaves the skin and hair a delicate feeling after washing. It is widely used in the preparation of hand lotion (liquid), foam cleansing cream, foam cleanser, foam shaving cream, as well as a clean and non-smooth foam shower gel and pearl shampoo.

MONSA® DLS-50 Parameters

INCI nameDisodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate
Trade nameMONSA® DLS-50
CAS No.26838-05-1
Molecular formulaC12H25OOCCH2CH(SO3Na)COONa
Packaging125kg plastic drum (paste)
SynonymDisodium 4-(dodecyloxy)-4-oxo-2-sulfonatobutanoat

MONSA® DLS-50 Features

MONSA® DLS-50 Features
  • The foam is delicate and rich, no slippery, easy to clean;

  • Strong detergency, low degreasing power, is a common mild surfactant;

  • It can be combined with other surfactants and reduce its irritation;

  • When applied, it is added to the formulation system with pH=5.0-7.0, and it can not be directly compounded directly with the raw material with pH>7.

MONSA® DLS-50 Features MONSA® DLS-50 Features
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