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INCI name: Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate

MONSA® SCI-80 is easy foaming and resistant to hard water and soap base as a mild, high-foaming surfactant used in personal care products. It performs excellent stability in hot or cold water. It is widely used in personal care products such as soap, shower gel, facial cleaner etc. It is used as an emulsifier in facial cleaner for its super mildness, moisture and oil balance. It enables to form pearl appearance emulsion, abundant foaming, and mild cleaning and brings silky smooth feeling after washing. It has been widely used in the formulas of synthetic detergents for its super advantages to consumers as a green and mild surfactant. More applications have been developed such as synthetic soaps, special shampoo, facial cleaning lotions etc.

MONSA® SCI-80 Parameters

INCI nameSodium Cocoyl Isethionate
Trade nameMONSA® SCI-80
CAS No.61789-32-0
Molecular formulaC14H27O5NaS
Dosage2.0 - 80.0%
SynonymCoconutfattyacid, 2-sulfoethylester, sodiumsalt
Fattyacids, coconutoil, sulfoethylesters, sodiumsalts

MONSA® SCI-80 Parameters Features

MONSA® SCI-80 Parameters Features
  • Foaming abundantly

  • Enables to form pearl appearance emulsion

  • Features for excellent mildness, low irritancy and

  • Easy bio-degradation

  • Resistant to hard water

  • Produce easily as its flake appearance

MONSA® SCI-80 Parameters Features MONSA® SCI-80 Parameters Features
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