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INCI name: Sodium Alpha-olefin Sulfonate

Alpha Olefin Sulphonate, or α-Olefin sulfonates, commonly called AOS for short, is a third-generation anionic surfactant. It's biodegradable, mild, and resistant to hard water, yet with outstanding detergency and excellent compatibility with other types of surfactant. MONSA® AOS-92 is widely used in the formulation of washing and person care products. It can enhance the cleaning efficiency of formula and produce rich foam, cooperating with other surfactant.

MONSA® AOS-92 Parameters

INCI nameSodium Alpha-olefin Sulfonate
Trade nameMONSA® AOS-92
CAS No.68439-57-6
Molecular formulaRCH(OH)(CH2)n-SO3Na (n= 14~16)
Packagingin 25 KG kraft paper bag (92% powder)
SynonymSodium (2E)-2-tetradecene-1-sulfonate
2-Tetradecene-1-sulfonic acid, sodium salt, (2E)- (1:1)

MONSA® AOS-92 Features

MONSA® AOS-92 Features
  • Excellent solubility and compatibility with other surfactants, resulting in great formulating flexibility.

  • Significant foaming, emulsifying, cleansing ability, and 100% biodegradability.

  • Outstanding high-temperature stability, makes it the perfect surfactant for spray tower dried synthetic detergent.

  • Outstanding hard water resistant property.

  • Mild, low irritation to the skin.

MONSA® AOS-92 Features MONSA® AOS-92 Features

Benfits of MONSA AOS-92 alpha olefin sulfonate

Excellent Detergency:  AOS-92 is a highly effective cleaning agent that efficiently removes dirt, grease, and oils. This makes it a valuable

ingredient in dishwashing liquids, laundry detergents, and all-purpose cleaners.

Superior Foaming:  It produces rich and abundant foam, often desired by consumers as a sign of cleaning power. This is particularly beneficial

in shampoos, shower gels, and foaming hand soaps.

Biodegradable: Unlike some traditional surfactants, AOS-92 is readily biodegradable, minimizing its environmental impact. This is an

increasingly important factor for eco-conscious consumers and manufacturers.

Mildness:  Compared to some harsher surfactants, AOS-92 is considered milder on the skin. This makes it suitable for use in personal care

products like shampoos, body washes, and baby products, where gentle cleansing is crucial.

Wide pH Compatibility: It functions effectively across a broad pH range, offering formulators flexibility in creating products with various

acidic, neutral, or slightly alkaline properties.

Excellent Hard Water Resistance:  AOS-92 performs well even in hard water conditions where some surfactants become less effective. This

ensures consistent cleaning performance regardless of water mineral content.

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