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INCI name: Ester Quats / Methyl Triethanol Ammonium Methyl Sulfate Distearl Ester

Ester Quats(CAS no 91995 81 2), also known as Ester Quaternary Ammonium Salt, is a cationic surfactant that is derived from vegetable origin.  Ester Quats (CAS 91995 81 2) can be used in home care products. Its surfactant properties make it effective in cleaning and care applications. It can be found in products such as detergents, cleaning sprays, and other household cleaning products. The versatility and effectiveness make Ester Quats, or Ester Quaternary Ammonium Salt a valuable ingredient in various industries. Despite its chemical nature, the fact that it is made from vegetable origin makes it a more environmentally friendly option compared to other surfactants.

What is an ester quat?

An ester quat, short for ester quaternary ammonium compound, is a type of cationic surfactant. 

Cationic Surfactant: Surfactants are molecules that can lower the surface tension of liquids, allowing them to spread and mix more easily.

Cationic surfactants have a positively charged head group attracted to negatively charged surfaces like dirt and oil. This attraction helps lift and remove dirt during cleaning.

Ester: An ester is a functional group formed by the reaction between an alcohol and a carboxylic acid.

Quaternary Ammonium Compound:  This refers to a molecule with a central nitrogen atom bonded to four other groups, at least one of which is an alkyl chain (hydrocarbon chain).

MONSA® EQ-90 Parameters

INCI nameEster Quats / Methyl Triethanol Ammonium Methyl Sulfate Distearl Ester
Trade nameMONSA® EQ-90
CAS No.91995-81-2
Molecular formulaC6H15NO3.C2H6O4S.Unspecified
Dosage5~8% (regular) or 18 ~25%(concentrated)
Packaging190kg per plastic drum
SynonymFatty acids, C10-20 and C16-18-unsatd., reaction products with triethanolamine, di-Me sulfate-quaternized

MONSA® EQ-90 Features

MONSA® EQ-90 Features
  • CAS No. 91995-81-2 is a cationic surfactant of the new generation of ester quats.

  • The main characteristic is good softness and prominent biodegradation, excellent compatibility, dispersion, circulation moisturizing etc.

  • It is the latest international environmental protection softener raw materials.

  • In the industrial and civil used as softener also won't appear to become yellow even use high concentration products.

  • It’s more suitable to produce concentrated products compared with the similar products, also suitable to be made into liquid products, and the concentrated products can be as high as 30%, convenient to produce emulsion and form the stable emulsion.

MONSA® EQ-90 Features MONSA® EQ-90 Features
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