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MONSA® CAPB-95 (Powder)

MONSA® CAPB-95 (Powder)

INCI name: Cocamidopropyl Betaine

MONSA® CAPB-95(Powder) has low irritation to the skin and mucous membrane. It has excellent solubility and compatibility ability; can effectively enhance the consistency on anionic surfactant, decrease the irritation from the sulfate.

MONSA® CAPB-95(Powder) Parameters

INCI nameCocamidopropyl Betaine
Trade nameMONSA® CAPB-95(Powder)
CAS No.61789-40-0
Molecular formulaC6H13N4O3
Packaging15kg/fiber drum
Cocoyl amide propylbetaine
Cocoyl amide propyldimethyl glycine
Cocoyl amide propyldimethyl glycine solution

MONSA® CAPB-95(Powder) Features

MONSA® CAPB-95(Powder) Features
  • Good hard water resistant property.

  • Good solubility and compatibility.

  • Mild and low irritation.

MONSA® CAPB-95(Powder) Features MONSA® CAPB-95(Powder) Features
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