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INCI name: Polyquaternium-7

PQ-7 is one of the most widely produced and consumed cationic copolymers today. Similar to PQ-10, PQ-7 features excellent compatibility with anionic surfactant systems. It doesn't bond with anionic surfactant and keeps the compound clear and homogeneous. In hair care, it improves lubricity significantly and gives the slip to the hair for easier wet-combing, and provides suppleness and sheen to the hair after drying; In skin care, it forms a protective thin film on the skin and helps retain moisture and other functional ingredients.

Polyquaternium 7, a superior quality ingredient, is highly valued in the personal care industry for its versatile applications. What is Polyquaternium-7? It is a safe and effective polymer that is often used in hair and skin care products due to its excellent conditioning and detangling properties. Polyquaternium 7 for hair enhances the manageability and softness of the strands, making it a popular choice in hair care formulations. Similarly, Polyquaternium 7 for skin contributes to the moisturizing and smoothing effects of skincare products. Despite its high-quality features, our Polyquaternium 7 price remains competitive, offering excellent value for its superior performance.

MONSA® PQ-7 Parameters

INCI namePolyquaternium-7
Trade nameMONSA® PQ-7
CAS No.26590-05-6
Molecular formula(C8H16ClN)n(C3H5NO)m
Packagingin 200KG plastic drums
SynonymPoly(acrylamide-co-diallyldimethylammonium chloride)

MONSA® PQ-7 Features

MONSA® PQ-7 Features
  • Non-toxic, no irritation and allergy to the skin, high safety.

  • Good compatibility, high stability, chemical inertness, no influence on other components of cosmetics, especially the active ingredients.

  • It has good lubricating properties and forms a uniform waterproof protective film after being applied to the skin.

  • Forms a clear, glossy and tough film with excellent curl retention.

  • Improves the dry and wet combability of hair, keeping it shiny, soft, elastic and easy to comb.

MONSA® PQ-7 Features MONSA® PQ-7 Features
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