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INCI name: Lauramine Oxide

Lauramine Oxide is one of the most frequently-used surfactant of this type. Like other amine oxide–based surfactant, it is antimicrobial, being effective against common bacteria such as S. aureus and E. coli.

MONSA® LAO Parameters

INCI nameLauramine Oxide
Trade nameMONSA®LAO
CAS No.1643-20-5
Molecular formulaC12H25N(CH3)2→O
Packaging200kg(N.W) per plastic drum
SynonymN,N-dimethyldodecylamine oxide
Dimethyl-laurylamine oxide
Lauryldimethylamine oxide
N,N-dimethyl-laurylamine oxide
Dodecyldimethylamine N-oxide

MONSA® LAO Features

MONSA® LAO Features
  • It’s widely used in combination with anionic, cationic, nonionic and amphoteric surfactants, and it can significantly improve the overall performance of the product;

  • It has good thickening, antistatic, soft, foaming and decontamination properties;

  • Excellent washing performance, rich and stable foam, mild nature, excellent antistatic and softness;

  • Low irritation, it can effectively reduce the anionic irritant in detergent, and also has the characteristics of sterilization, calcium soap dispersion and biodegradation.

MONSA® LAO Features MONSA® LAO Features

Advantages of Using Lauramine Oxide In Cleaning Products

Effective Cleaning: Lauramine oxide is a powerful surfactant that helps to remove dirt, oils, and other contaminants from surfaces. It breaks down the bonds between the dirt and the surface, making it easier to wipe or rinse away.

Mild and Non-Irritating: Unlike some other cleaning agents, lauramine oxide is mild and non-irritating. It is less likely to cause skin irritation or allergic reactions, making it a safer choice for people with sensitive skin.

Biodegradable: Lauramine oxide is biodegradable, which means it breaks down naturally in the environment and does not contribute to pollution. This makes it a more environmentally friendly choice compared to some other cleaning agents.

Versatile: Lauramine oxide can be used in a wide range of cleaning products, including dish soaps, laundry detergents, and all-purpose cleaners. It is effective on a variety of surfaces and materials.

Stable in Hard Water: Some cleaning agents lose their effectiveness in hard water, but lauramine oxide remains stable and effective. This makes it a good choice for areas with hard water.

Enhances Other Ingredients: Lauramine oxide can enhance the cleaning power of other ingredients in a product. It can help other ingredients to penetrate deeper into surfaces and remove more dirt and grime.

Foaming Agent: Lauramine oxide is a good foaming agent, which can make cleaning products more satisfying to use and can help to lift dirt off surfaces.

Non-Flammable: Unlike some other cleaning agents, lauramine oxide is non-flammable, making it a safer choice for use in the home.

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