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INCI name: Sodium Alpha-olefin Sulfonate

Alpha Olefin Sulphonate, or α-Olefin sulfonates, commonly called AOS 35 (CAS no 68439 57 6), is a third-generation anionic surfactant. It's biodegradable, mild, and resistant to hard water, yet with outstanding detergency and excellent compatibility with other types of surfactants. There are commonly two types of AOS commercially available, the liquid solution(with 33%-40% active matter content) and the dry powder(with 85%-95% active matter content). The choice of these two types is based on the formulation target, transporting and handling convenience, and cost.

Our Sodium Alpha Olefin Sulfonate, also known as Sodium C14-C16, is a premium product known for its superior performance in various applications. This α-Olefin sulfonate is a high-quality surfactant, widely used in the formulation of a range of products from detergents to personal care items. The Alpha Olefin Sulfonate uses extend to industrial cleaners, making sodium c14 16 alpha olefin sulfonate a versatile choice for your business needs. Experience the benefits of our top-grade Sodium Alpha Olefin Sulfonate today.

MONSA® AOS-35 Parameters

INCI nameSodium Alpha-olefin Sulfonate
Trade nameMONSA® AOS-35
CAS No.68439-57-6
Molecular formulaRCH(OH)(CH2)n-SO3Na (n= 14~16)
Packagingin 200KG plastic drum or 1000KG IBC tank
SynonymSodium (2E)-2-tetradecene-1-sulfonate
2-Tetradecene-1-sulfonic acid, sodium salt, (2E)- (1:1)

MONSA® AOS-35 Features

MONSA® AOS-35 Features
  • Excellent solubility and compatibility with other surfactants, resulting in great formulating flexibility.

  • Significant foaming, emulsifying, cleansing ability, and 100% biodegradability.

  • Outstanding high-temperature stability, makes it the perfect surfactant for spray tower dried synthetic detergent.

  • Outstanding hard water resistant property.

  • Mild, low irritation to the skin.

MONSA® AOS-35 Features MONSA® AOS-35 Features
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